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Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Feeling of comfort, safety, abundance and family. Our high quality natural  certified Baltic Amber is here to strengthen your prayers, protect you from evil and provide you and your entire family with an abundance of health. Our Amber is sustainably shaped, polished and perfected by the world’s leading masters. 

Feel home wherever you are with Sol Amber.

Healing Power

Amber is a Healing Sun Stone, power and magic is used by people of all over the world.
The healing properties of amber are due to the content of Succinic Acid in it which is the strongest natural bio stimulant. Since ancient times, Amber stones has been used to treat various diseases. Also, amber has a powerful effect, it absorbs negative energy that sometimes surrounds us. Hundreds of Millions people in Asia, Europe, Arabs and US love and worn amber for many centuries.
Baltic Amber is a marvelous Stone, feel its power with Sol Amber

Fairest price

We love Amber and we want people of all the world to love it too. You get your gems from first hands with us . Why ? Because we have strong partnership with biggest legal mining company Amber Trade . Also Sol Amber Group have own manufacturing for producing any Amber Stone goods rosaries , necklaces , pendants and others . So we are not resellers like other amber stores . You deserve fairest prices for finest Amber


During 7 years of work, we have assembled the best team of artisans and masters from all over the world to craft our Amber stones . The best masters from Turkey create the Arab collection by hand , the design of the Chinese collection is created in Asia and after our masters in Europe carefully produce it by hand. Baby collection we developed with team of young parents in the USA and after almost 1 year of tests our team carefully produce each amber necklace for your darling babies

Our Packaging

We love Amber and we love making gifts. we create luxurious, yet sustainable packaging for all of our items. Wooden box with a secret lock. Organic linen bag to keep your Amber safe from any damage. And a paper gift bag with the Sol logo to make the gift feel extra special.

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