Sol Amber Group was founded in 2015 by Kiri Ivanny . The company is headquartered in Estonia Tallinn . Through years we have developed into one of the world’s leading brands within exclusive amber rosaries . At Sol Amber Group we create amber rosaries and amber products of the finest quality. Our amber gemstones are carefully selected and rosaries uniquely designed and crafted top Turkish Masters in our workshop. The magical world of amber takes us 30-50 million years back to the bygone world. It all begins with the immense forests of pine trees in the northern part of Scandinavia. When a tree became damaged, the resin would seep out into the forest floor. The wild glaciers from the ice age and the pre-historic rivers then carried the resin to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. On its journey through time, the resin hardened and the raw nature formed it into amber – our precious Baltic Gold.
Amber is found in the ground or in the sea, from where it is washed up onto the beach with driftwood, seaweed and mussel shells. One of the most fascinating aspects of amber is its ability to preserve insects and plants, which became trapped in the resin 30-50 million years ago. Inclusions such as insects, wood and air bubbles make the pieces even more rare and valuable. In Sol Amber Group exclusive online you will find our large collection of amber rosaries and amber goods. The high quality of our amber rosaries is guaranteed by our main Turkish master Izzet Akan and our big professional team . We offer a worldwide service and guarantee that all amber products are 100% natural , original . We sell only genuine amber items and don’t sell pressed , heated or other not natural amber products. All our items have lifetime guarantee
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