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Sol Amber group is a European company that was founded in 2014 by Kiri Sokolov. In 2013 Kiri went on a spiritual trip to Tibet to the Kam region. Kiri met a wise local man Solin, who was guiding him through the mountains. Solin shared his knowledge about energy and how it affects our human experience in life. He showed Kiri some of his talismans, and some of them were as old as the world and were inherited by Solin from his investors. All of the talismans were made of Amber. Kiri was so inspired to discover the healing abilities of Amber that upon his return from Tibet he started his own company that is now known as Sol Amber Group. Sol Amber Group was created to make sure that everyone can get what they want and need. Kiri believes that sharing is caring and by sharing Amber with the world he will make the world a better place.

At first, Kiri made his products by himself using his bare hands and the best Baltic amber he could find. Even now every bead is crafted by hand, however Kiri only trusted the world's best masters from Turkey to shape and polish every item with love and care. Saul Amber Group believes that handcrafted amber remains the most of its healing powers.
Since 2013 the company grew from a small business to a worldwide corporation. The company’s headquarters are located in Miami, FL, USA. But despite rapid growth every beat is still crafted by hand buy the best masters.
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We love Amber and we want you to love it too. Every adult and every child from all over the world deserves to have Amber in any form. Amber is a beautiful stone that feels very good against the skin and the most important is that Amber has unique healing properties that no other stone does. Amber comes from the aged tree sap that releases succinic acid when the stone contacts bare skin. This acid is scientifically proven to relieve the pain, balance the thyroid gland and it even has an anti inflammatory effect. Feel the power of Amber with Sol Amber Group.

Our team is working hard on designing new Amber pieces every day, so you can find a piece that will become very special to you. We want you to love your Sol Amber and we want you to use it every day. Sol guarantees the quality and our products will last forever. This is why we use natural Baltic Amber and other natural materials for threading and packaging. We take pride in what we do- we are Sol Amber Group.
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For over seven years we have been working with the best masters from all over the world to work with our Amber. The Muslim collection is handcrafted by the best masters from Turkey, oriental collection is designed in Asia and after our masters in Europe our handmaking every piece. The baby collection was designed by a group of young parents in the USA and our masters are putting their delicate work into every Amber beat with love for your dear children.
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Every product is made by hand with the highest quality natural Baltic amber. We only get the highest quality AAA grade certified natural Amber. Saul Amber has a special team who double check the quality of every single stone and its authenticity. Soul Amber Group gets its Amber from the primary source, so we can guarantee you the best quality and the fairest prize. We also own our own workshops where the world’s leading masters are handmaking all the items with maximum care and love. With the highest quality we offer the fairest price on the market and we are proud of it.
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We have designed a beautiful and luxurious packaging for every item on our shopping list, because we love the aesthetics of natural beauty. Amber is the stone of sun that comes from the trees. This is why our packaging is also made from natural wood. Our boxes were designed with a secret lock so only you could have access to what’s inside. We also add a natural linen handmade bag with our logo so you can store your amber inside of it and the bag will protect your Amber from any possible scratches. Our packaging also comes with a branded luxurious paper bag upon request. Our bag is a great addition for your purchase if you would like to present someone you love with a special gift of beautiful Amber.